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Smartwatch concept puts two screens on your wrist

There's something wrong with smartwatches. We all feel it, deep down. "This is not as cool as I thought it would be!" we constantly yell to anyone who will listen. Well, good news: science is on it. Thanks to the power of magnets and duct tape, Doppio offers up a humble solution: "Bro, what if there were two screens?"

The Doppio concept is a collaboration between Teddy Seyed of the University of Calgary, Xing-Dong Yang of Dartmouth College, and Daniel Vogel from the University of Waterloo. They made a working prototype with dual touchscreen displays — one of which completely detaches from the wrist-bound screen and can be stuck above, to the side, or anywhere, really.

Experiences that span multiple screens is not a new concept, but they've never really found a mainstream application outside of Nintendo products. I like to think of myself as an imaginative, forward-looking human being, but I really have no idea how two screens on your wrist could help solve the smartwatch problem in any way. But I respect the attempt, and I respect the duct tape.


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