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Apple Music Getting More Beats Music Stations Soon

Beats 1's radio broadcasts were a key selling point when Apple Music was first announced. Now, it appears Apple is expanding with new radio options. In a series of filings, the company applied for trademarks covering both the names and logos of Beats 2, Beats 3, Beats 4 and Beats 5, which means we could be seeing up to four new stations in the near future.

The applications, which were filed last month, follow reports that Apple's agreements with record labels allow it to add five new radio stations without having to negotiate new contracts.

Of course, these applications only offer vague descriptions concerning the trademarks, so we don't know what kinds of content to expect from the new stations just yet. However, Apple has been known to host an event in the spring, so perhaps we'll find out more about Beats 2 and the rest of the lot then.



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